The education of adults and minors in Pyxida is the point where the refugees' need to learn meets the desire of the civil society to provide help. Most teachers of the Greek language in PYXIDA are students doing a voluntary traineeship in PYXIDA, since the active academic and professional interest for intercultural education as well as for the teaching of Greek as a second foreign language continuous to increase.  


PYXIDA hosts courses of Greek language for adults of any level (beginners, advanced), during morning and evening hours. The curriculum has been enriched with original digital teaching material which our students can access via an educational platform. 


At the same time, in the afternoons elementary and secondary education pupils and unaccompanied minors from Accommodations Centers in Attica participate in small, distinct classes consisting of children and teenagers, as a means of remedial education. Additional educational activities are also implemented for elementary school children.


Children awaiting placement in a public school can, during their period of wait, attend twice a week the class of "School without School", a preparatory program designed to help children familiarize with the Greek language and the basic concepts of arithmetic.


PYXIDA also provides personalized digital skills lessons in collaboration with volunteers from the Social Hackers Academy. Digital literacy is necessary for distance learning, as well as for accessing any digital service, whereas it is a prerequisite for many projects. The seamless continuation of the distance learning courses implemented by PYXIDA for all of their programs due to the pandemic, demonstrated yet again the importance of digital literacy for all beneficiaries.


Since the beginning of 2020, PYXIDA Intercultural Center has the pleasure of collaborating with the undergraduate and postgraduate TESOL classes of the Deree – the American College of Greece, School of Graduate and Professional Education, aiming at providing English language courses to the beneficiaries. This particular program is based on a curriculum designed by the professors of Deree with a focus on the particular needs of the refugee population.


Finally, in order to enable refugee parents with pre-school age children to participate in the classes, PYXIDA provides a parallel childcare program for children from 0 to 5 years old during class hours. The childcare program is provided under the supervision of an experienced early childhood educator in a specifically designed, safe and child-friendly space within PYXIDA. Moreover, the early childhood educator regularly organizes "open courses", namely structured education hours where parents and children engage in common activities and where parents learn how to prepare on their own creative activities with their children.


In order to cover the needs of Greek language learning, of education in other issues as well as entertainment purposes, Pyxida hosts a lending library with over 1.000 book titles for readers of any age (consisting of mostly Greek, but also foreign language books). The library is open every day and its use is free for both the beneficiaries and external visitors.


Our Efficiency

  • 90% Program Services
  • 10% Management