GCR’s Intercultural Center “PYXIDA” started operating in 1996 after the appeal of refugees and their families, who suffered from social isolation and felt excluded from Greek society.

Pyxida follows a holistic methodology in order to answer the needs of individuals and families, based on an interdisciplinary team of professionals, who contribute, via the services and programmes provided, to the integration of refugees and vulnerable immigrants in the Greek society.

The services of the Center fall into 3 major categories:


More than 35 volunteers and students, as part of their internship, help each year in the work of PYXIDA, which supports annually more than 1,500 refugees and vulnerable immigrants.




Our Efficiency

  • 90% Program Services
  • 10% Management

ISO Certification



Certified with ISO 9001: 20155
No. 20001210004322
by TUV Austria