Social Unit


GCR’s Social Protection Unit was founded by Ms. Charis Brissimi, one of the first Greek nationals to qualify as a social worker at Columbia University, USA. Since 1989, GCR has been continuously offering Refugee Social Services in Athens, Thessaloniki, and several locations in the Greek islands and mainland.


Mission & Vision

The mission and vision of GCR’s social unit is to empower and enable the integration of asylum seekers and recognized refugees so they can achieve a sense of belonging and live with dignity.

GCR’s open door policy was implemented straight after the launch of the GCR office and continues today with an average of 60 daily visits of refugees at the office. All people are welcomed by GCR’s duty reception service, who provide information and arrange appointments with GCR’s social workers and lawyers. To always offer integrated and personal services to all refugees, and meet their individual needs, GCR lawyers, social workers, and interpreters assess all cases and coordinate the best suitable assistance package for every person or family. 

The intercultural center PYXIDA is a welcoming and safe space for the refugees who wish to begin the long and challenging journey to integration. PYXIDA offers Greek and English language classes, skills-based courses, and social recreational programs.  Importantly, when refugees are ready and capable of paid work they are connected to GCR’s employment Office which works closely with an extensive network of employers and recruiters that can offer refugees jobs and mentoring programs for refugee job seekers.



In summary GCR’s social welfare services include:


  • Information and help in several languages about refugee housing, emergency relief (food/clothes/medicines), emergency shelters & social welfare benefits
  • Escorting and practical assistance for medical & hospital emergencies
  • Appointments with health and government services including assistance with form filling and general advice
  • Intensive psychosocial programs for refugee victims of torture, unaccompanied children, people held in migrant detention, victims of crime, gender-based violence, and domestic violence
  • Refugee employment advice, job matching and referral to local job vacancies 
  • Refugee educational counseling including assistance with school enrolments
  • Free Greek & English language classes and a wide range of refugee family groups and activities for recognized refugee families and children.   
  • Child & family psychological counseling for vulnerable children and families

Our Efficiency

  • 90% Program Services
  • 10% Management

ISO Certification



Certified with ISO 9001: 20155
No. 20001210004322
by TUV Austria