Legal Service

The Greek Council for Refugees’ (GCR) legal unit provides legal assistance and counseling to those who come to the organization and are in need of international protection or belong to particularly vulnerable groups (unaccompanied minors, victims of torture or other forms of violence, victims of trafficking etc.)

 The actions of GCR’s legal unit take place at the offices of the Greek Council for Refugees in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as in points of entry, reception centers, accommodation facilities, detention centers and other points (Municipalities etc.) throughout Greece. As part of its role, the legal unit undertakes the support of individual cases with the following actions:


  • information and counseling on rights and obligations during the asylum procedure
  • support at all stages of the asylum procedure (first and second instance, Dublin Regulation etc.) upon the investigation of the conditions for the recognition of refugee status
  • support at every stage of deportation, detention, or enforcement of restrictive measures
  • support of beneficiaries of international protection in all cases related to their refugee status or vulnerability
  • legal actions before Greek and International Courts in support of the rights of persons in need of international protection or those belonging to especially vulnerable groups (for example: objections against detention, applications for annulment and suspension before the competent courts, appeals and applications for interim measures before the European Court of Human Rights, for violations of the European Convention on Human Rights, support of criminal and civil cases directly related to their refugee status or vulnerability etc.)
  • provision of holistic rehabilitation services to asylum seekers and refugees who are victims of torture, on a legal, social, psychological, and medical level, and in cooperation with other organizations
  • counseling and support to victims of violence (for example gender-based violence, racist violence etc.)
  • organizing and participating in training seminars about international protection and human rights issues
  • actions to raise public awareness (organizing and participating in conferences, workshops etc.) regarding international support and human rights
  • institutional intervention before the competent bodies to deal with broader problems concerning the implementation of the existing legislation on issues of international protection or human rights in general
  • joint actions and interventions together with national and international organizations, which are active in the refugee and human rights fields, as well as cooperation with Greek institutional bodies such as the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR).


Moreover, GCR’s legal unit, in cooperation with the organization’s other services, carries out missions to points of entry and exit for international protection beneficiaries throughout the country, to reception centers, accommodation facilities, detention centers and other places where refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection are in need of urgent legal and social assistance. 



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