Volunteerism at the Greek Council for Refugees

The Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) is an association founded in 1989 in order to provide support to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. GCR’s main purpose is to inform, support and empower asylum seekers and refugees in claiming their rights. Today, GCR’s action has expanded to include not only refugees but also all who are entitled to other forms of international protection. Among them, vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied minors, trafficking victims etc., to whom GCR gives special attention.

The Greek Council for Refugees has a tradition in volunteer work and relies heavily on volunteer action.  Professionals, students and others help for free and lend their support, valuable time and enthusiasm to our work; this way, they become an indispensable part of the organization, as their contribution proves instrumental in the effort to protect asylum seekers and refugees and to help them integrate into Greek society.

Our volunteers offer important services to refugees, through their participation in all of GCR’s activities, such as:

-the actions of the Legal Unit and the Social Unit

- teaching the Greek language to refugees

-developing the professional skills of refugees

-facilitating the access of their children to Greek schools

-organizing psychosocial and recreational activities for refugee children and teenagers

-helping refugees understand Greek culture

-supporting the organization’s administrative services

By actively taking part in our actions and services, volunteers contribute to the organization’s work in a decisive manner, as they occupy crucial positions, while GCR supports them every step of the way, by securing their participation in working groups, together with GCR’s experienced professionals, and by providing them with guidance, training and encouragement.











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