“Durable Solutions for Separated Children in Europe”: The national report


The Greek Council for Refugees in collaboration with the Irish Refugee Council (IRC) and 7 European NGO’s implemented a project on durable solutions planning for separated children in Europe. A study on durable solutions for separated children was undertaken by these nine organizations based in Belgium, Cyprus, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands and Slovakia.

Each national partner prepared a report detailing the practice of durable solutions in each country listed above. They undertook desk research to create, in lieu of an explicitly defined durable solution process, a ‘framework’ for the durable solution process in each country. This was done by reviewing existing research on separated children related to durable solution planning. The national partners also carried out interviews with service providers with experience of working with separated children, including care professionals, legal professionals and other service providers.

The purpose of this study was to identify and recommend best practice in determining and implementing durable solutions for separated children in Europe. The study involved desk research and one-to-one and focus group interviews with persons working with separated children and with young people themselves.

All national reports found that there was limited knowledge of the precise term and almost no legislative guidance. The national reports all suggested that an established durable solution process was needed to ensure all aspects of the child’s needs, rights and wishes were being considered with the interests of the child in mind and not the interests of the State. The national reports thus suggested that the process must be multidisciplinary in line with international best practice and guidance in the area of decision making where children are concerned.

All national reports highlighted various components that would invariably fall within the scope of a decision relating to a durable solution with the child’s development and future in mind.

The project was funded by the European Commission’s Pilot Projects on Unaccompanied Minors fund.

The Greek National Report was presented by GCR during a round table that was organized on Monday 28th of December 2015 at Titania Hotel in Athens.

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