At Europe’s Borders: Between Impunity And Criminalization

This report contributes to an existing body of extensive evidence of the Greek state’s illegal pushbacks practice, by providing particularly detailed descriptions of eleven pushback cases at the Evros border region and the Aegean islands, and two cases of pullbacks by the Turkish authorities in Evros. All cases included in this report are legally represented by GCR and submitted before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and / or the Greek Public Prosecutor. These testimonies, which all share very similar descriptions of what people had to endure during a pushback operation, offer a disturbing insight into the organized and systematic nature of these illegal practices. The report also describes how the Greek state intimidates, stigmatizes and criminalizes human rights defenders who support pushback victims. We highlight statements of senior Greek politicians wherein they link NGOs, including the Greek Council for Refugees, to smuggler networks, accuse them of cooperation with Turkey, assert that said NGOs are undermining Greek national sovereignty, and label them enemies of the state. These false accusations have created a repressive environment wherein the support for asylum seekers and their rights has become incredibly difficult.
Read the Executive Summary of the Report here.

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