Not again in 2024 - Call for upholding human rights in the Samos Closed Controlled Access Centre

We, the undersigned organisations, once again call for the closure of the Samos CCAC and for adequate accommodation for people, within communities and in housing. In the meantime, given the urgent need for humane conditions in the CCAC, we call on the Greek authorities and the European Commission to respect people’s fundamental rights by ensuring that:
  • All people are adequately accommodated, including privacy and sleeping on a bed with a
mattress and clean bedding
  • The unlawful de facto detention of people upon arrival and awaiting registration of their
asylum requests ends
  • Vulnerability assessments are conducted for every applicant for international protection
  • Medical care is accessible to everyone, regardless of their legal status
  • Daily water needs are met and a long-term solution is found to solve water shortages
  • Food of sufficient quantity and quality is available to everyone and queues in food
distribution are minimised
  • Transportation from the CCAC to other parts of the island is accessible to everyone
Avocats Sans Frontières France
Better Days Greece
Κοινότητα Πάπα Ιωάννη 23 ου Community Pope John XXIII
Equal Legal Aid
Equal Rights Beyond Borders
Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid
Greek Council for Refugees (GCR)
Human Rights Legal Project
I Have Rights.
Legal Centre Lesvos
Mobile Info Team
Project Armonia
Refugee Legal Support
Refugee Support Aegean (RSA)
Samos Volunteers
Yoga and Sport with Refugees
Read the full joint statement here

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