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Provision of legal services to vulnerable refugees & asylum seekers in Kos & Skaramangas

Implementation period: 15/01/2017 – 30/09/2017
Collaborators: Save the Children
Country of implementation: Greece
Aims: This project seeks to enhance the protection of vulnerable refugee children in the open accommodation structure for refugees of Kos and Skaramangas, through providing specialized protection and legal support to vulnerable, at-risk children. These children will include, but not be limited to, unaccompanied and separated children (UASC).
  • Provision of legal information and counselling: Vulnerable minor beneficiaries (as aforementioned) will be informed on his/her rights and receive advice;
  • Interview and assessment of cases;
  • Provision of legal aid: Beneficiaries with a valid claim* for asylum will be supported throughout the asylum procedure (where applicable, considering the time-consuming asylum procedures);
  • Representation of asylum seekers before and after first instance asylum procedure (where applicable);
  • Provision of interpretation services.
Results: On the spot legal information. At this stage an initial assessment and prioritisation of vulnerable cases will be made. Legal counseling will be provided after the initial assessment of cases, through provision of individualised sessions to beneficiaries. Attention will be given to particularly vulnerable persons in need of international protection

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