Legal Service

The Legal Department (LD) encompasses legal counsel and help to all those who are directed to the Organization and are under international protection. The actions of the legal service take place as much in the offices of the GCR, in Athens and Thessaloniki, as in holding centers in Greece. The LS, as part of its responsibilities, undertakes numerous individual cases by performing the following actions:

  • Informing and counseling as to the rights afforded, and the responsibilities created, by the asylum process

  • Investigating the progress/outcome of applications for international protections (communication with the authorities, examination of the application file, etc.)

  • Interviewing to investigate the refugee status requirements and assisting in the preparations of the asylum application review interview, which is given before the authorities (both at the A and B Stage)

  • Presence (i.e. in-person representation of the lawyer and support of the applicant) at the asylum application review interview at both A and B Stages

  • Re-applications (i.e. requests for review) in the case of the previous application’s rejection (for international protection)

  • Making judicial and administrative appeals (objections to detention, revocation of expulsion decisions, appeals against return decisions), applications for the renewal of humanitarian status or subsidiary protection

  • Attempting to reunite asylum applicants with their family or a family member, due to the reunion article of the Dublin Regulation, either in Greece or in another EU nation

  • Intervening to make to facilitate the access of asylum seekers and refugees to the asylum process, in addition to providing relevant documents

In addition, the LD of the GCR, in conjunction and in cooperation with the other departments, realizes emergency missions to border regions and entry points across the country, in welcome centers, in holding centers, and in other places where refugees, asylum applicants, and the beneficiaries of international protection, have a need for urgent legal and social aid.

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