Intercultural Centre for the Promotion of Refugee Integration “PYXIS”

The interaction between refugees and the Greek society is a two-way process, essential for both their effective integration into society and for public opinion awareness regarding issues that concern them. Working towards this direction, GRC’s approach to integration is guided by the principle of multiculturalism that advocates the maintenance of a balance between the development of activities aimed at facilitating refugees to integrate to the local cultural context and their simultaneous encouragement to highlight their own culture and share it with the Greek society, by respectively developing the principles of mutual respect and diversity understanding. During the past ten years, the Intercultural Centre “PYXIS” has been working towards this direction, developing various reinforcing activities of consultative, educational and cultural nature.

Pyxis, centre of information addressing refugees and asylum seekers in our country but also of local community’s awareness, organizes and implements various cultural and educational activities like courses of Greek and English language, of computers, of remedial teaching, etc., while, at the same time, it offers counselling and guidance services. The primary goal of Pyxis is the facilitation of refugees’ harmonious integration into the community they live and work so as to fight incidents of exclusion and isolation.

Pyxis’ activities aim mainly at refugees’ children by helping them to cope with the demands of the Greek School, so as to not prematurely discontinue their education. It constitutes a place where their talents are cultivated, their knowledge horizons are broadened and solid foundations for their future are established. Pyxis’ centre offers to children, among others, music lessons, extra language classes, sports and cultural events, according to their needs and interests. At the same time, it encourages local community’s involvement by employing not only the existing structures but also the population’s solidarity and help and thus creating an important network of support with individuals and local institutions, a network that provides essential support to refugees.




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